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Heads Bunker: For the Children

29 June 2005

Read this and come back

Heads Bunker: For the Children

This is why I like swimming. You can see EXACTLY where you finished in your heat. My son is a swimmer and he is at the top of his age group right now. Does this mean that he wins every race, HELL NO! He loses some. However, when he steps up on the blocks for the next race, he doesn’t think about the last one. Each race is swum on its own and then scored. There are winners (you can tell by the big smile), and there are losers (sometimes they cry). Then you have those that swim hard, but get disqualified for some infraction. Do these get upset, sometimes, but most get over it pretty quick. Some do cry about this too. In swimming, at a meet, you get ONE (1) chance to get it right. If you do, you win. If you don’t, you lose. While life is not always like swimming, I have found out that it can be. You may get more than one chance to get it right, but sometimes you get one chance and win or lose, that is it.


Do you own property? Not anymore

23 June 2005

The Supreme Court of the United States has attacked the 5th Amendment. You can get more details at Hold the Mayo Boys and Girls, this is very wrong and needs to stop.

House Approves Flag-Burning Amendment

22 June 2005

Found at Outside the Beltway

Once again, the House has passed an amendment to the Constitution to ban freedom of expression in the form of burning the American flag. (Unless done to show respect for a frayed, old flag–in which case it’s encouraged.)

Click on the link to read more


Not needed, will vote AGAINST. While I think it is despicable to burn the flag, I do happen to believe that it is protected under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constiturion and I swore an oath to support and defend same. BTW, I have not been relieved of that oath.


22 June 2005

Chuck from was injured by a IED. Please keep him and his family in you prayers as he recovers. You can find more information here

Warms my Heart

21 June 2005

Found this blog surfing today.

This Middle school principal has mandated that all students will be ready for college. Things like mandatory study hall if you are getting less than a C in any class. Teachers can assign study hall if students fail to complete assignments. BTW this study hall is in addition to the regular school day.

This from California!

Ted Kennedy

20 June 2005

Came acrosst his post today while blog surfing.

Ted Kennedy Wants Some Answers

The media is now finally starting to realize that the infamous “Downing Street Memo” is really worth reporting. Many believe the memo – actually the minutes of a meeting between UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and his advisers – shows that George Bush decided to go to war in Iraq well before the invasion actually occurred.

Ted Kennedy is the first senator to speak out on this issue and ask George Bush for some answers. Go to Senator Kennedy’s website to learn more:

I would say that the Senator from MA has some questions to answer as well (i.e. About a car, a girl, and a bridge).

Publik Educashun (part 2)

20 June 2005

A fine example as to why we are falling behind in public education. The school board of Lawrence, Massachusetts needs to get a clue and fire this clown. He is obviously more worried about how to save a buck on his truck then about his schools. There links to related stories about the incompetence of this boob.

Don’t Panic!

19 June 2005

The son and I went to see “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Friday night, and what a good time we had. Even before the movie started, the guy in front of us (a YOUNG airman) and I (was I ever that young?) were talking about the books the movie is based on. We had the son first thinking that we were nuts and then laughing his head off. The movie is outstanding and was worth the price of admission IMHO.


Happy Father’s Day

19 June 2005

If you are a Dad or a Dad-to-Be, Happy Father’s Day from Sarge. Call your dad today and let him know that you are thinking of him.

Publik Educashun

16 June 2005

I know, I know, you get what you pay for. One of the places I go every day has some comments about this. I was wondering the other day about why we have a state specific text in the schools down here. Well, take a trip over to Kim’s and see what is going on. It is no wonder that we are falling behind and failing our children. It also explains why I can make change faster at the store than the cashier can with the cash register.