Heads Bunker: For the Children

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Heads Bunker: For the Children

This is why I like swimming. You can see EXACTLY where you finished in your heat. My son is a swimmer and he is at the top of his age group right now. Does this mean that he wins every race, HELL NO! He loses some. However, when he steps up on the blocks for the next race, he doesn’t think about the last one. Each race is swum on its own and then scored. There are winners (you can tell by the big smile), and there are losers (sometimes they cry). Then you have those that swim hard, but get disqualified for some infraction. Do these get upset, sometimes, but most get over it pretty quick. Some do cry about this too. In swimming, at a meet, you get ONE (1) chance to get it right. If you do, you win. If you don’t, you lose. While life is not always like swimming, I have found out that it can be. You may get more than one chance to get it right, but sometimes you get one chance and win or lose, that is it.


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