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How much are you worth?

28 July 2005

I am worth $2,047,290 on


Championships – Day 1

22 July 2005

Actually it is the second day for competition, but can’t have a 2 without a 1. At least that is what one of my English teachers told me. Last night were the 400/800 Meter Freestyle events. Since no one on the team had made qualifying time for these events, we decided to go out to dinner as team. Dinner was at Bucca di Peppo’s and let me tell you, it beats the Olive Garden hands down. I love the Olive Garden, so that should tell you about this place. The cuisine is southern Italian and is served “family style.” That means that the dishes are LOADED with food and placed on the table. And then you serve yourself from the serving dish. I like this because you can sample what some of the others have ordered as well. Our group had Veal Parmesian, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Parmesian, two different kinds of pizza, Manacotti, ravioli. Now my mouth is watering. Stand-by……… Ok, back to the subject at hand. Son swims the 50 and 100 meter Breaststroke today. He is seeded in 14th in the 50 and 12th in the 100. I’ll let you know how he does later when the results are posted.

Swimming Championships Take 2

20 July 2005

Well, tomorrow we will leave for Nashville so that the son may compete in the championship meet. He will be swimming in the following events:

50 Meter Freestyle
50 Meter Breaststroke
50 Meter Backstroke
100 Meter Backstroke
100 Meter Breaststroke
200 Individual Medley

Sarge will be out on deck officiating and watching son swim.

Dancing for the President of the United States

20 July 2005

If you have young children, especially a boy of 4 or 5, you know that it is a crap shoot taking them out in public. With an attention span of a fruit fly, boys of this age are liable to do anything when they get bored. And bored they will get in about 2 minutes. Mrs. Roberts seemed to handle it well. What can you do? Young Master Roberts will probably see these pictures and his mom will eventually be able to laugh about this. I know that would. Michelle Malkin: THE SON, THE SMIRK, THE SICKOS


19 July 2005

Rob at Gut Rumbles has nailed this right on the head. Couldn’t have said it better. Way to go Acidman.

SCOTUS Nominee

19 July 2005

Presidetn Bush has named his nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States. It is Justice John G. Roberts of the Washington Court of Appeals. Here’s hoping (yeah right) that the Senate will get on with the business of running the country and just give an up or down vote. To the Republicans that are serving at the pleasure of the People, you have the majority, and from my civice lessons, majority rules. Get on with it and let’s confirm Judge Roberts and get on with business. Tell the Dumbocrats to go pi$$ up a rope.

Swimming Championships

17 July 2005

Well, the son has qualified for a total of six events at championships next week. We will be heading to Nashville for the championship meet. I will try to update here as we get the results of each race. As soon as I know where he ranks and where he finishes, I’ll get those things posted as well. Will be a long week.

Sarge’s Homestead

14 July 2005

Just in case you are curious, the homestead came through Dennis like a champ. A few small branches were int he corner of the yard and two shingles gone off the roof. From what those that stayed around told me, Dennis was on a FAST track out of here. Power was out for a couple of days while the crews cleared debris from the lines and restored power in an orderly fashion.

Run For the Hills!!

8 July 2005

Well,. had to leave the homestead today for a swim meet and to avoid Dennis. When a storm this size is headed your way, you RUN, fast and far (well, at least we ran :)). We will hunker down here and enjoy the swimming. As I stated in an earlier post, I love swimming in that another person cannot really effect how you perform in the water. You have to do it all on your own. The coach can provide direction, the officials just observe and only two really do anything, unless ther is an infraction. I guess that other swimmers could effect you, but only if you let them. I have seen swimmers intimidate my son, but you know, when he is on, he is on.

Hope to get back to the homestead soon and get the clean-up work done and get life back to normal until the next one comes.

High School Students

2 July 2005

I am a member of Grunt’s Military, a military related website and forum. I really like this forum because we have standards that all members are expected to meet. For example, we are expected to spellcheck our posts and use proper English. Unfortunately, we have several high schoolers in the various Jr ROTC programs that think that they know more than those of us who have worn the uniform and will disrespect us at every turn. Parents, what are you teaching your children about respecting others? Would they do this if we were face-to-face? I really don’t think so. I’ll lay a dollar to doughnuts that they don’t do this at school either.