Championships – Day 1

Actually it is the second day for competition, but can’t have a 2 without a 1. At least that is what one of my English teachers told me. Last night were the 400/800 Meter Freestyle events. Since no one on the team had made qualifying time for these events, we decided to go out to dinner as team. Dinner was at Bucca di Peppo’s and let me tell you, it beats the Olive Garden hands down. I love the Olive Garden, so that should tell you about this place. The cuisine is southern Italian and is served “family style.” That means that the dishes are LOADED with food and placed on the table. And then you serve yourself from the serving dish. I like this because you can sample what some of the others have ordered as well. Our group had Veal Parmesian, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Parmesian, two different kinds of pizza, Manacotti, ravioli. Now my mouth is watering. Stand-by……… Ok, back to the subject at hand. Son swims the 50 and 100 meter Breaststroke today. He is seeded in 14th in the 50 and 12th in the 100. I’ll let you know how he does later when the results are posted.


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