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30 August 2005
My pirate name is:
Mad William Read

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You’ve got taste and education. Arr!

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What would you do?

23 August 2005

Our school district has a feature that I absolutely love. I can log in and check out the Son’s school work and get an almost realtime update of his grades. It helps parents keep track of what is going on in school.

Anyway, checked Son’s classes/grades last night and noticed one assignment had a 0 (zero). Brings that grade down to a 72% (C). Sarge is not happy at this point. Asks Son for an explanation, Son assures Sarge that he turned in assignment. Now Sarge being Sarge, and being from Missouri, I need some proof. I send a screen shot to school with Son and request information from teacher. Come to find out, Son did turn in assignment minus one very important piece of information. Ok, recruits, what did Son forget to do:

A. Complete assignment and turn in blank page? — Nope, did work
B. Failed to place name on paper? — You bet.

What’s is really annoying is that said teacher made a point to tell me that she has difficulty in deciphering Sons handwriting. Son is briefed on importance of legible handwriting (frequently, sort of like the “Don’t Drink and Drive” briefs when Sarge was still active). Teacher will not allow Son to place name on assignment and get credit (kudos to teacher, Son must learn lesson). Son now has to make time to get a make-up assignment from teacher, if she will allow.

While the dad in me would wish that teacher would allow Son to place name on assignment and get credit, Sarge sees the life lesson the Son must learn and support teacher on her decision


18 August 2005

Hat tip to Kim

Seems a decorated Marine has been stripped of his residency status by Austin Community College because, get this, he spent time in Iraq and now must pay non-resident tuition rates to attend classes and get educated. During my time in the Air Force, I never paid non-resident tuition rates when taking classes. Even when I was in Wyoming and claimed to be a resident of Missouri. Maybe I should thank Uncle Sam that I was never stationed in Texas. He has a Texas driver’s liscense, he is registered to vote in Texas, and does his banking in Austin.

Slide on over to Kim’s and get the contact information for the school and let’s support this Marine.


5 August 2005

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Obviously, in life you are going to fail and succeed. Son has learned that you will not win every race. But the ones where the guy next to him is a bit taller and out-reaches him to win by 1/100th of a second, are the ones where he knows that there is always next time. He and I have a deal, if, when he gets out of the water, he can look me in the eye and tell me he did his absolute best and gave 110%, then he has been successful. Success is not about winning every time off the block, but about improving each time. Eventually, when you go off the block, you win.

School Days

4 August 2005

Well campers, it is finally the end of summer vacation. Here shortly, you should hear a great shout of relief as mother send their young ones off to school. Today is the first day of shcool here and I can tell you, that Wal-Mart was a nightmare yesterday afternoon with everyone trying to get their school supplies. We ended up going to three other places to get what Son needed and only spent about $40.00.

Now that school has started, maybe I’ll come into work a bit later and that way have time to spend with CINC-HOUSE in the AM prior to reporting for work.

He’s Baaaaaack!

4 August 2005

Chuck ( is back on-line from his hospital bed. He will be there for a bit as part of his therapy. Go on over and let him know you care. He is one of the good guys. Chuck, you are an inspiration to us all for the way you have endured what has befallen you. Out prayers are with you and your fammily. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.