What would you do?

Our school district has a feature that I absolutely love. I can log in and check out the Son’s school work and get an almost realtime update of his grades. It helps parents keep track of what is going on in school.

Anyway, checked Son’s classes/grades last night and noticed one assignment had a 0 (zero). Brings that grade down to a 72% (C). Sarge is not happy at this point. Asks Son for an explanation, Son assures Sarge that he turned in assignment. Now Sarge being Sarge, and being from Missouri, I need some proof. I send a screen shot to school with Son and request information from teacher. Come to find out, Son did turn in assignment minus one very important piece of information. Ok, recruits, what did Son forget to do:

A. Complete assignment and turn in blank page? — Nope, did work
B. Failed to place name on paper? — You bet.

What’s is really annoying is that said teacher made a point to tell me that she has difficulty in deciphering Sons handwriting. Son is briefed on importance of legible handwriting (frequently, sort of like the “Don’t Drink and Drive” briefs when Sarge was still active). Teacher will not allow Son to place name on assignment and get credit (kudos to teacher, Son must learn lesson). Son now has to make time to get a make-up assignment from teacher, if she will allow.

While the dad in me would wish that teacher would allow Son to place name on assignment and get credit, Sarge sees the life lesson the Son must learn and support teacher on her decision


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