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Broken Records

27 September 2005

As you may or may not recall in a previous post I talked about success and what it takes to succeed. Well, for Sarge-in-Training, AKA Son, it finally paid off. At his last swim meet, he set a new meet record in the 50 backstroke (SCY). While breaking a record is not that easy, especially at this distance, doing so by .75 seconds is a very big deal. Usually for a short distance, records are broken by .1 or .2 seconds. And to top it off, the previous holder of the record is on the same team. Way to go son!


Hurricanes and Gas

22 September 2005

Well, the weather channel just chimed in about gas prices. Come on, just let the market regulate itself. Basic supply and demand. If you start talking about shortages, people will start filling their tank all the time instead of just when they need to. It’s OK to buy gas, but if you have two or more vehicles, fill only one this week and wait for next week to fill the other. That way, when I need gas, it will be there. It will also be there when you need some.

Lessons Learned – Texas Style

22 September 2005

Where does the AP get their info? They seem to think that Texas would learn anything from Louisiana. Just another case of them trying to bash Bush, which seems to be their favorite passtime these days. How many of you know that Galveston, TX was hit by a hurricane in the early 1900’s that just about wiped it from the map? Guess what, I do. Also, Texans, by nature, have long memories (“Remember the Alamo!”).

You are Stuck on Stupid

21 September 2005

I love this line! Uttered by Lt Gen Honore while speaking to reporters about the second evac of New Orleans. I can think of a number of people that this great line would apply to.

1. Former President Clinton – For thinking that the American people are stupid. Personally, I don’t care that you were getting some in the oval office, just admit it.

2. Former Attorney General Janet Reno – Waco

3. Former First Lady(?) and Senator Hillary Clinton – You knew. You did nothing.

4. Dan Rather – President Bush’s National Guard Service

I can think of more, but I don’t want to have all the fun. Leave a comment and let us know who you think needs to be told “You are stuck on stupid” and a couple of lines about why.

Leading Man

7 September 2005

What type of leading man are you? The debonair, the flashy, or the tough John Wayne type? Take the test and let me know

Clark Gable
You scored 35% Tough, 28% Roguish, 23% Friendly, and 14% Charming!
You’re a helluva guy and a bit of an enigma. You’re a man’s man, tough
talking and ready for anything, and you make the ladies swoon with your
rakish ways. You’re equally admired by both men and women alike,
drinking other men under the table all the while charming the socks off
half a dozen lovelies. You’re a commanding presence, and you know how
to get what – and who – you want when you want it. You’re drawn to
women who, like you, are savvy enough to deal with the world on their
own terms. You work well with spitfires. Leading ladies include Joan
Crawford, Myrna Loy, and Jean Harlow. No damsels in distress for you.
Link: The Classic Leading Man Test
Find out what kind of classic dame you’d make by taking the
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Hurricane Katrina

6 September 2005

Well, after several days of reading and contemplating what is going on along the Southern Coast, Sarge has decided a number of things:

  • 1. Jessie Jackson needs a swift kick to his hind parts (I know, not a revelation, but I had to say it)
  • 2. The mayor of NOLA and the gov of LA need to have their hind parts kicked as well
  • 3. Uncle Sam was right on time – I remember that when Ivan came calling, we were told that it could take upto 5 days before assistance rolled in
  • 4. As to those that decided to fire upon rescue workers – Well, you deserve to be shot (Notice that I did NOT say shot at, but SHOT)

If you can assist in the recovery efforts, please do so. If you have nothing to add to the efforts, you can STFU and stay home, you are NOT NEEDED in the area.