Hurricane Katrina

Well, after several days of reading and contemplating what is going on along the Southern Coast, Sarge has decided a number of things:

  • 1. Jessie Jackson needs a swift kick to his hind parts (I know, not a revelation, but I had to say it)
  • 2. The mayor of NOLA and the gov of LA need to have their hind parts kicked as well
  • 3. Uncle Sam was right on time – I remember that when Ivan came calling, we were told that it could take upto 5 days before assistance rolled in
  • 4. As to those that decided to fire upon rescue workers – Well, you deserve to be shot (Notice that I did NOT say shot at, but SHOT)

If you can assist in the recovery efforts, please do so. If you have nothing to add to the efforts, you can STFU and stay home, you are NOT NEEDED in the area.


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