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25th Annual War Eagle – Take 2

23 October 2005

Well, Sarge and family have returned to the permanent command post and had an excellent trip. Sarge-in-Training (SiT) had a very successful meet and did well in all his events. We have the next two weekends to do non-swimming things. Our next meet on the blocks will be in P-Cola and in Mobile after that.

As the meet was still in session (older swimmers still had to compete) when we departed Auburn University, results were not available yet, but I should be able to get them in the next day or three.

Sarge out.


25th Annual War Eagle Invitational

22 October 2005

What an interesting meet so far. After arriving Friday and observing Sarg-in-Training’s friend swim and FINALLY checking into the hotel and getting a good(?) night’s sleep we were at the pool this morning at about 0730. We were at the pool all day. SiT swam four events today and has four more on Sunday. I will post times after we return to home base and I get the results.

NOTE: I saw something on C-SPAN last night flipping through the channels about the Miers Nomination. Unfortunately, I caught the end of whatever it was. Will check on it when back in the command post.

Sarge out.

Auburn Swim Meet

21 October 2005

Those that know me and my family, know that Sarge-in-Training (SiT)is a competitive swimmer. Well this weekend, Sarge has traveled the highways from the permanent command post and has established a mobile command post to work from while SiT competes in the War Eagle Invitational Swim Meet at the James Martin Aquatic Center on the grounds of Auburn University. Auburn University has a very nice facility here and are always great hosts. Have to check on what events SiT is swimming, but as he always does well in this pool, he should be able to improve on his times.

SCOTUS Nominee Miers

20 October 2005

You know, I haven’t put too many things here that could be considered political. I have my views and you, of course, have yours. If they coincided, Great! If not, that’s ok. we can still be friends as long as we respect each others right to believe what we want. Now, I can hear you now “That just fine Sarge, but where are you taking this?” And the answer is this.

Ann Coulter has lost her mind over the Miers nomination to the SCOTUS. Read her rant here

There are only two requirements to sit on the Court. Nomination by the President of the United States and confirmation by the Senate (a simple majority). That is it. I don’t care what law school they attended (no requirement to be a lawyer), what church he/she is a member of (no religious test permitted). In fact, President Bush could knock on my front door right now and just say the words “Sarge, your country needs you to serve again. You are hereby nominated to be an Associate Justice to the Supremem Court of the United States.” Or words to that effect. Now, you want to hear the left go nuts? That would do it.

Ms. Coulter, get a grip on reality. There is no second choice. Ms. Harriet Meirs IS the nominee until such time as the Senate tells President Bush, by an up/down vote that she is unacceptable.

Another “What kind of _______ are you?

19 October 2005

Which Historic General is the Sarge?

King Edward I

You scored 68 Wisdom, 73 Tactics, 59 Guts, and 55 Ruthlessness!

Or rather, King Edward the Longshanks if you’ve seen Braveheart. You,
like Edward, are incredibly smart and shrewd, but you win at any
costs…. William Wallace died at his hands after a fierce Scottish
rebellion against his reign. Despite his reputation though, Longshanks
had the best interests of his people at heart. But God help you if you
got on his bad side.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 59% on Unorthodox
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You scored higher than 63% on Tactics
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You scored higher than 63% on Guts
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You scored higher than 80% on Ruthlessness

Ooops. It happens

18 October 2005

Sarge-in-Training AKA The Son, had a big oops this past weekend at our swim meet. He was swimming a 200 yard Freestyle event and lost track of where he was. It is the short course season and he is swimming in a 25 yard pool. Well, he swam the first 150 yards with no problem. Decided that he wanted a break and then swam the last 50 yards. Even with the break, he did swim a best time. Good job, Sarge-in-Training!

“It’s Time to Start the Music . . “

12 October 2005

“It’s time to light the lights”
What Muppet are you?

sam jpeg
You are Sam the Eagle.
You are patriotic and devoted. And extremely anal.

Patriotism, Being appalled at what everyone else is
The National Anthem of America

“An American In….America”

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,
Eagles are from America”

“Please stop that now! It’s un-American!”

What Muppet are you?
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The Supreme Court of the United States

5 October 2005

What in the world is going on? Would somebody please explain to me what the “qualifications” to be a justice on the Supreme Court? There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that tells me. All the Constitution tells me is that the President appoints the Justices (Article II, Section 2). You don’t have to be a lawyer. All you need is the Predential appointment and confirmation of the U. S. Senate (BTW that means 51 Aye votes). Senators, Ms Meirs deserves an up/down vote. No need for debate on the floor. No committee (Not in the Constitution). Just a vote. The people have sent you to Washington to do a job and you are spending too much time on petty politics. I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican, DO THE JOB YOU WERE HIRE BY THE PEOPLE TO DO!

Sarge, out.