SCOTUS Nominee Miers

You know, I haven’t put too many things here that could be considered political. I have my views and you, of course, have yours. If they coincided, Great! If not, that’s ok. we can still be friends as long as we respect each others right to believe what we want. Now, I can hear you now “That just fine Sarge, but where are you taking this?” And the answer is this.

Ann Coulter has lost her mind over the Miers nomination to the SCOTUS. Read her rant here

There are only two requirements to sit on the Court. Nomination by the President of the United States and confirmation by the Senate (a simple majority). That is it. I don’t care what law school they attended (no requirement to be a lawyer), what church he/she is a member of (no religious test permitted). In fact, President Bush could knock on my front door right now and just say the words “Sarge, your country needs you to serve again. You are hereby nominated to be an Associate Justice to the Supremem Court of the United States.” Or words to that effect. Now, you want to hear the left go nuts? That would do it.

Ms. Coulter, get a grip on reality. There is no second choice. Ms. Harriet Meirs IS the nominee until such time as the Senate tells President Bush, by an up/down vote that she is unacceptable.


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