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Busy Busy Busy

30 November 2005

Wow, where has the month of November gone? Things are rolling right along here at the Sarge’s command post and we are once again off on manuevers. SIT has a swim meet in Nashville, well Brentwood actually, and we will be leaving after middle school practice in the morning. If you are in the area and want to see some good swimming, come on by the Williamson County Indoor Sports Complex and check out the competition should see some awesome swimmers all weekend. Sarge will be on deck doing his thing and SIT will be swimming.


War Eagle -Update and Other swim stuff

14 November 2005

Wow, it has been busy at the command post lately. SIT did real well in the War Eagle Invatational and took 13th overall for his age group. He only swam 8 events out of a possible 13, so that should tell you something about his skills in the water. We travelled to Brewton, AL for the Blue Angel Invitational swim meer hosted by the Pensacola Navy Youth swim team and they put on good meet. SIT had no real competitiion at this meet, so while he didn’t swim a lot of best times, he did win every event he was entered in. There were several parents that commented on his performance. One parent from a neighboring team took some photos and as soon as I can, I will post some and provide a link to them. Our next meet will see us travelling to Nashville, TN for the Meet of Champions hosted by XCEL Aquatics.