Sow what you would Reap

Mostly Cajun has it right here. If we want to regain our status as the innovators of the world, we need to make sure that our gifted and talented students at ALL levels of education get the inspiration that they need to continue the course.

Just some thoughts on the state of the education system where I live. Based on the criteria from the state, our school district has received an A grade in the last four years. I have to wonder how, and I am STILL trying to find the “standard” used by the state. I see comments from teachers that think that subject/verb agreement is only a suggestion. I would correct their comments and return them, but I am concerned that they would take it out on my son and his grades would suffer.

Students are rarely challenged here. Maybe I need to set up a conference with the school and set forth my standards as a parent and a taxpayer, there’s a thought, let them know I am watching and I’ll set the standard. SIT knows that my standards are high and I hold him to high standards as well. Maybe it is time for other like-minded parents to speak up. Sarge


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