What in the . . .

PaulVA over at the Daily Kos is saying that this disaster at the mine is the Republican’s fault (another symptom of BDS). here he is saying that in 1994 the Republicans changed the way that OSHA operates. Well, I have a couple of questions:

1. Who was in the Whitehouse at that time?
2. What department does OSHA fall under?
3. Who would have appointed the head of that department?

For those that may have forgotten, the answers are:

1. William Jefferson Clinton a DEMOCRAT
2. U.S. Department of Labor
3. See the answer to #1.

Now, where does Paul think this is going?

Sarge out.


2 Responses to “What in the . . .”

  1. Kenny Says:

    most people will take what is said at face value and not look any deeper. This really comes to play when the rant, rave, news article, or interview supports what they want to hear in the first place. .

  2. Sarge Says:

    The problem is not the person reading the news or article. The problem is that the person writing it has failed to check their facts and then others take up the cause without checking. As a former boss told me, “Trust, but verify”

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