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Since Nate over at Wasted Electrons added me to his blogroll, I have added him to my list of daily reads. I also thought it might not be a bad idea to tell you all a little bit more about me. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and am a 1984 graduate of Ritenour High School (Go Huskies!). After high school, I attended the University of Missouri, St Louis for a semester and discovered that college was not for me, so I went and talked to the recruiters. The Air Force seemed the best fit for me, so on March 29, 1985, the Air Force and I started our relationship. The Air Force, in its infinite wisdom, decided to train me in satellite communications. Over the years, the Air Force merged us with wideband communications and telemetry systems.

In 2005, with a solid 20 years under my belt, I hung up my uniform and moved into the next chapter of my life. My family and I have settled, for the time being, in the Fort Walton Beach, FL area.

I am married and have one son. I refer to my better half as CINCHOUSE (Commander-In-Chief, House, for the uninitiated) and my son is SIT for Sarge-in-Training. SIT is a competitive swimmer with one of the local swim teams here and I am an official with USA Swimming.

Leave me a note to let me know that you came by.

Sarge out


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  1. Kenny Says:

    Fort Walton is a nice place. I have been there many times TDY. Not sure I would like to live there. Too many hurricanes for me.

  2. Nate Says:

    Sarge, I called Eglin and FWB home from 82 to 85. I’m always surprised at how much it has grown but how much remains since that time. Fact is, the BSU and I were married on the beach in Santa Rosa and our youngest, now 21, was born in base housing, just across from the base hospital.

    So, I sure like the area down there!

  3. Sarge Says:


    Hurricanes are not the biggest problem around here. The thing that always bugs me is that good old fashined courtesy seems to fallen out of favor with people down here. I’ll take a hurricane over rude people any day.

  4. Sarge Says:


    You were here before I even started my career. You might not even recognize the place now. From Ft. Walton Beach to Pensacola along US 98 is filling up quick. I have been told that you could drive this stretch of US 98 and not see another soul. Not anymore. It is always busy.

  5. GUYK Says:

    I retired from the USAF a couple of years before you finished high school. Finally gave up and retired again last winter and spend most of my time on the blogs now just for something to do as much as amything else. Welcome to the blogosphere. We conservative types need all the help we can get here.

  6. SK Says:

    Here by way of GuyK….just enjoying the read. Love the name for your wife…smart man;)

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