Wireless (pt 2)

Well, took Nate‘s advice. Went and got a wireless router today. Because of the size and construction of the command post, will need to keep existing network and add the wireless capability to it. I think that I can get this done, even with Sarge-In-Training’s help. I will definetely have to give it a whirl when it is done. More to come.

Hey, Nate, have you ever tried herding cats? We have a saying on deck at swim meets that getting the 8 and under swimmers where they need to be at the right time is a lot like herding cats, at the middle school meets, we add the caveat that the cats are wet. Just curious.

Somebody leave a comment and let Sarge know how the reception is out there.

Sarge, out


2 Responses to “Wireless (pt 2)”

  1. Nate Says:

    You’re coming in loud and clear from Utah and my easy chair!

    My wireless router is in the basement at the front of the house. I get a terrific connection out in my shop, about 70 feet awayand in a separate building.

    The only reason I turn on my pc these days is so I can print from the laptop.

    And no, I know what herding cats feels like, I just don’t try to do it… 😉

  2. Sarge Says:

    Good to hear. I know some people think that I don’t like cats, I like cats just fine. CINCHOUSE on the other hand, has a thing about all furry creatures. Especially those that roam free.

    As to the wireless, I love it. Don’t know why I didn’t earlier. Now, have to reconfigure a couple of devices to play nice and allow access from the new segment. Let the head banging begin.

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