Busy Week

Quite a bit has happened since we left the command post for the swim meet last Friday. While not his best meet, Sarge-In-Training did well. He recently aged up into the 13/14 age group, he made a good showing. No championship cuts, but that is ok. This is a tough age group and the cuts are unbelievable.

I was on deck until 1700 hrs on Sunday and as you know, SuperBowl XL started at 1730 hrs. We left Auburn University and after one quick stop for go-juice just outside Montgomery, AL, we made a run for the command post. SIT and I were on the sofa in front of the big screen in time for the 4th quarter to start. What normally takes me about 3.5 to 4 hours, I did in less that 3. Of course, not every Sunday is SuperBowl Sunday.

Sarge, Out


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