Customer Service

What has happened to customer service? After a recent swim meet, SIT, CINCHOUSE and I went to the new steak house in town. Now, this was the first time that I had been to this particular chain, but had been told that the experience would be memorable. Let me tell you it was. Now, I, as a young man, worked in the food service business and the one thing that was impressed upon me by my bosses was that no matter what, the CUSTOMER is the most important person. Anyhooo, the establishment was busy, and we had to wait for a bit to be seated. Not a big deal, and the wait wasn’t that long. When young miss (YM) led us to a table, she inquired if it would be ok, well, CINCHOUSE indicated to YM that it was not accetptable as it was in the middle of the floor. CINCHOUSE inquired about a half-booth just a bit away and YM seated us there and decided that we were not worth a “enjoy your meal.” STRIKE 1. So, Sarge and the troops sit and wait for waiter (YW) to come and inquire about liquid refreshment. And we wait. Finally, waiter from another section comes over and inquires if out waiter has been by. I respond in the negative and waiter goes and get YW to actually serve customers. STIRKE 2. Liquids finally arrive and we inform YW as to what we would like to taste on this fine evening. Well, finally dinner arrives and we engage in savoring same. YW comes by and inquires of SIT if he would care for another beverage (extra charge, of course) and since it is SITs birthday, he is permitted to expend funds. CINCHOUSE and I are not offered refills on our beverages of choice. STRIKE 3.

After check arrives (no offer of desert was made, STRIKE 4), I place enough Andrew Jacksons in holder to cover tab ($39 and change) and don’t even wait for the change (less than a George Washington). As we are departing, I inform manager that it would be a LONG TIME before I returned to his establishment. After he inquires about my experience, and let him know what my experience was like and that I believe that he has a training problem that needs to be addressed. Manager entices me to returne with an offer of buying dinner and suggests that I request a specific server next time to experience the best he has to offer. Maybe CINCHOUSE and I will take him up on that soon. Seems there is a special occasion this week that might do. And the food was extraordinarily tasty.

What think you?

Sarge, Out


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