Services Rendered

Rob at Say Anything found this tidbit. Make sense to me. Click the link to read his post.

Say Anything: No Budget, No Pay

My dad always told me that if I am hired to do a job and getting paid to do it, that until the job is finished to the bosses satisfaction, I wouldn’t get paid. If there was a deadline, don’t expect payment if you miss the deadline. You hired congress to do a job and you should demand the best. If they fail to do the job by the deadline imposed, then on election day, hire somebody else. There is no excuse. They know that the fiscal year ends September 30 every single year. It hasn’t changed in my lifetime. I really hope this passes (I won’t hold my breath). Send the message in a way that resonates through the halls of the capitol. Contact your representative and remind them that they work for you and that you are not happy about there performnace. Let them know that you are considering hiring someone else to do the job. Or maybe doing it yourself. The HOR is the peoples house, let’s take it back.


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