It is that time of year again. The FCAT’s have started. In case you don’t know, this is the series of tests that our children take each year to determine how well the school district is doing. They are also required for our students to get promoted to the next grade. Had a good laugh with SIT about the FCAT the other day. School sends hoema booklet about the FCAT and it states that they school’s do not teach the test. SIT looked at me and raised the big red BS flag on that. We have Florida state editions of text books that have FCAT specific questions. Now, let us try that again. I know that the schools are teaching the FCAT, why else would you have a special state edition of a text? Let’s try something really useful and get rid of the special texts and get one that will prepare our children for life in the real world and then how about we test them on that text. Seems we took the test and wrote the text from it rather than the right way.

Sarge, Out


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