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29 March 2006
Go, Read. I will wait for you.


I recall that when you fly our National Ensign upside down, you were signalling DISTRESS. Well folks, looks like the studnets in L.A. are requesting assistance. Folks, let me tell you this. If we are to get serious about controlling our borders, we need to make it a military operation. The Border Patrol is ill equiped to patrol/secure our borders. The US Army, USMC, and USAF have the personnel, the training and the technical know-how. Let’s put them to use. This is NOT about law enforcement, this is about stopping an invasion. Mr. Bush, Mr Rumsfeld, are you listening?

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Sarge, Nashville, Swimming

12 March 2006

Well folks, it’s that time of the year. Sarge, CINCHOUSE, and SIT are off to the championship meet this week. As we will be away from the permanent command post for a day or three, posting may be a bit light (not that I am a heavy poster anyway). SIT made one more cut and so, will swim three events at the meet. If you happen to be in Nashville next weekend and looking for something to do, come on over to the Tracy Caulkins Aquatics Center, and see some of the best swimmers in Alabama, NW Florida and Tennesee. Sarge will be on deck somewhere while SIT will be in the water. CINCHOUSE will be watching us both and keeping us on the straight and narrow.

Sarge, Out

Update to Customer Service

6 March 2006

The manager of the local shopping emporium that I opined about below contacted me yesterday with iquiries to establish my exact opservations. As I stated to her, there are training issues abounding. Now, I will give her credit, she did do some basic research as to when I had last been in (as this is a membership place) and that I had only purchased two items and what cashier had checked me out and taken my written IOU (check). As I stated, she agreed that said new cashier, did indeed break training and re-training would recommence soon. While I did not discuss all my observations with her, she and I would still be on the phone, we did establish that I was not treated a s member should have been. It seems that the other associates that I came into contact with are well known to her and this is not the first time that there have been issues of training with them. She did acknowledge that there is a training issue there and that she has been trying to resolve that issue for some time. Maybe, if she hired some competent associates, payed a decent wage, and payed attention to what was happening, she might find that “retraining” of associates would not be required.

Publik Educashun (part 3)

3 March 2006

James Old Guy has it right. Here is the problem. He says it much better than I can. Go take a look.

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Senators and Border Security

2 March 2006

Well, folks. We are coming into the mid-terms and there are few things that you should now. I know it is early, but you need to be thinking of these things. According to the Constitution, the Senate is composed of three classes. Well, class 1 is up for re-election this year. Here are some issues that should be topping your list:

1. Border Security
2. Illegal Immigration
3. Budget/Pork

Just so you know, and if you live in PA, you need to really pay attention. Sen Specter is drafting legislation that would allow for guest workers to reside in the US and would also grant amnesty to a good portion of the illegal immigrants that are already here. You can find more information here We need to ask our Senators, especially those that are up for re-election, where they stand on these issues. I will not presume to tell you how to cast your vote, it is yours after all. I will ask you to cast it for the one that has the same ideals as you about the issues above. Click the link below and see if one of your Senators is listed. Contact them and let them how you feel.

If you are in the State of Florida, Senator Bill Nelson is up for re-election. Make sure to contact his office and let him know your concerns.

Sarge, Out

Customer Service part whatever

2 March 2006

You know, it gets worse and worse. Yesterday, SIT and I went to the place where they wear red and blue vests and this is what we observed. The lady in front of us was having some sort of difficulty and it seemed that EVERYBODY in the store was tied up with her. Not only that, there seemed to be an inordinate number of trainees on the registers that kept interrupting with questions. Now, I know that this place can park a order and even transfer it from one register to another. When SIT and I finally get to a register, after wasting 30 minutes of my time, the standard “have a nice day” was countered with “it’s too late for that.” Not to mention that when I inquired of another individual if he was the duty manager, he said no and just moved on, no offer of help, did not bother to contact manager. Next the guy at the door, didn’t really seem to care that I had a bad experience. I tell you folks, it makes me want to scream sometimes. Guess I’ll find unit manager contact info and let him know that he has a training issue in his store. Simple mistakes such as those made yesterday are going to cost him.

UPDATE: I just sent an e-mail to customer seervice (yeah, right). I can’t wait to see what happens now.