Customer Service part whatever

You know, it gets worse and worse. Yesterday, SIT and I went to the place where they wear red and blue vests and this is what we observed. The lady in front of us was having some sort of difficulty and it seemed that EVERYBODY in the store was tied up with her. Not only that, there seemed to be an inordinate number of trainees on the registers that kept interrupting with questions. Now, I know that this place can park a order and even transfer it from one register to another. When SIT and I finally get to a register, after wasting 30 minutes of my time, the standard “have a nice day” was countered with “it’s too late for that.” Not to mention that when I inquired of another individual if he was the duty manager, he said no and just moved on, no offer of help, did not bother to contact manager. Next the guy at the door, didn’t really seem to care that I had a bad experience. I tell you folks, it makes me want to scream sometimes. Guess I’ll find unit manager contact info and let him know that he has a training issue in his store. Simple mistakes such as those made yesterday are going to cost him.

UPDATE: I just sent an e-mail to customer seervice (yeah, right). I can’t wait to see what happens now.


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