Senators and Border Security

Well, folks. We are coming into the mid-terms and there are few things that you should now. I know it is early, but you need to be thinking of these things. According to the Constitution, the Senate is composed of three classes. Well, class 1 is up for re-election this year. Here are some issues that should be topping your list:

1. Border Security
2. Illegal Immigration
3. Budget/Pork

Just so you know, and if you live in PA, you need to really pay attention. Sen Specter is drafting legislation that would allow for guest workers to reside in the US and would also grant amnesty to a good portion of the illegal immigrants that are already here. You can find more information here We need to ask our Senators, especially those that are up for re-election, where they stand on these issues. I will not presume to tell you how to cast your vote, it is yours after all. I will ask you to cast it for the one that has the same ideals as you about the issues above. Click the link below and see if one of your Senators is listed. Contact them and let them how you feel.

If you are in the State of Florida, Senator Bill Nelson is up for re-election. Make sure to contact his office and let him know your concerns.

Sarge, Out


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