Update to Customer Service

The manager of the local shopping emporium that I opined about below contacted me yesterday with iquiries to establish my exact opservations. As I stated to her, there are training issues abounding. Now, I will give her credit, she did do some basic research as to when I had last been in (as this is a membership place) and that I had only purchased two items and what cashier had checked me out and taken my written IOU (check). As I stated, she agreed that said new cashier, did indeed break training and re-training would recommence soon. While I did not discuss all my observations with her, she and I would still be on the phone, we did establish that I was not treated a s member should have been. It seems that the other associates that I came into contact with are well known to her and this is not the first time that there have been issues of training with them. She did acknowledge that there is a training issue there and that she has been trying to resolve that issue for some time. Maybe, if she hired some competent associates, payed a decent wage, and payed attention to what was happening, she might find that “retraining” of associates would not be required.


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