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Swimming Update

21 July 2006

Well, the 2006 Southeastern Swimming Long Course Championships are next weekend and CINCHOUSE, SIT, and I are getting ready. SIT is in the final push to get in top form and I guess coach is working him pretty hard. As we are part of a small, close team, there are not a lot of swimmers going. In fact I think that we have more support going than swimmers (that would be moms, dads, siblings, coaches, and officials). So if you are in Knoxville, TN next weekend and want to see some great swimmers fight for top honors, come on by the Aquatics Center at UT. Fri, Sat, and Sun mornings will be hectic and those that do well enough will come back each evening for finals.


Once again the 9th Circus mucks it up (so what else is new)

20 July 2006

Why does a gummint entitty think they can violate the Supreme Law of the Land? Kim makes a good point on this one and I would be at a loss to try and add to it. I could not do this justice. Go forth, read.

I don’t care what they say. . .

12 July 2006

This has got to stop. When I was on active duty, we were instructed that the “Red Crescent” was the equivalent of the “Red Cross” in Muslim countries. Since some chucklehead wants to keep this going, remember this: It is MUSLIM EXTREMIST that flew THREE aircraft into symbols of America and flew a FOURTH aircraft into the ground where they want to build this memorial. People, I don’t care what it takes, we have got to get this through the lefts addled brains: MUSLIMS EXTREMISTS WANT TO KILL US ALL!!! This is not a game, it is not a threat to be taken lightly. The world changed forever on September 11, 2001.

We are in a war with an enemy that is not covered by the Geneva Accords. SCOTUS got this one wrong, too. They do not wear a uniform and on the field of battle, if you are not wearing a uniform, you may be shot as a spy. What would the left say if your troops, rather than taking them prisoner, treated them as spies as allowed by the Geneva Accords?

Stop The ACLU » Blog Archive » Flight 93 Crescent Is Back

Hotel Service Sucks (or Sombody done got on the bad side of Sarge again)

7 July 2006

Sarge and Co have established a temporary command post for the weekend and the originally planned bivouac location had to be scrapped and an alternate location found and time, of course, was short. Here are the details and you decide, how should Sarge approach.

O/A 16 May 2006, Sarge makes reservations for bivouac location with the following requirements: 2 Double Beds, non-smoking. Will accept 1 bed with pull-out, or some combination there of. Special request of first floor room to keep CINCHOUSE happy was made at same time. Sarge took note on reservation page that special request may or may not be available.

Today, upon arrival at bivouac location, Sarge checks into hotel to establish temporary command post and get changed for evening maneuvers (AKA swim meet). Upon opening door to temporary quarters, Sarge gets a snoot full of smoke that has permeated said quarters. Sarge contacts representative of staff to inquire why we are put into such substandard quarters and that it is unacceptable for our use. Sarge mentions that reservation was for NON-SMOKING quarters and that a change needed to be made and quickly. Staff says that web site plainly states that the type of room (S or NS) cannot be guaranteed and that Sarge can either suck it up (fat chance) or find other accommodations and refund will be given.

After conclusion of evening maneuvers, Sarge does a bit of research and finds that the Guarantee Policy of the chosen location says is:

“Your room will be held until 7:00 AM the morning following your scheduled arrival date. If you do not arrive and do not cancel your reservation by the cancellation deadline, your credit card will be charged 1 night’s stay plus tax”

Sarge and Co were able to find an alternate location very quickly and evening maneuvers commenced and concluded as scheduled. Not only that, he managed to save about $5 per night.

Sarge, Out

What the MSM will not tell you

6 July 2006

Christopher over at the Barking-Moonbat Early Warning system has a rather lengthy post up about a conference that took place a Ft Carson, CO recently. Go forth, read here it is quite lengthy, but worth the time to read and digest. I found it quite interesting that one reporter was actually a bit pissed off that his story was destroyed and that the pictures that his photographer took were not used.

Are we winning the war in Iraq? I believe that we are. I know folks who have been there and they believe that we are winning. Morale among the troops is high.

Sarge, Out

Nailed it

6 July 2006

Had an interview this morning and I really believe I nailed it. I think that I really impressed the interveiwers with my knowledge of what the company does. I also kept them on their toes with the questions that I had.

I get home for this one and had an e-mail for another position that I had applied for requesting an interview. So, tomorrow morning, Sarge will have to put on a tie for this one (usually a good move when meeting the VP). Will have to see wht happens.

Then to add to the fun, I was approached for a temp job and would love to do it, but it would interfere with the interview, so I had to turn it down. I did talk to the person that contacted me and may be asked to do other similar jobs in the future. Sarge is a happy camper tonight.

Sarge, Out

Swimming Stuff

5 July 2006

Hard to believe that I haven’t mentioned SIT’s swimming accomplishments over the past few weeks. It has been a busy season. SIT has performed well all season and Coach is pleased. SIT has qualified for 5 events at championships and is looking forward to making the trek to a pool that he has never swum in. Hope he does well.
go get’em SIT!

Sarge, Out

Carpet Cleaning and other things

5 July 2006

Well, got the carpets cleaned today and they sure do look good.  CINCHOUSE is happy and that means that Sarge is content (or at least not billeted in the dog house).  In other happenings, Sarge interviews for a new position in the morning and thinks that he might like the position.  SIT participated in his first Duathlon yesterday (a 5K run and a 200Meter swim).  Finished an impressive 26 overall and 1st in his age division.  Without a doubt, Sarge and CINCHOUSE were proud of him.  Will let you know how the interview comes out.

Sarge, Out

Carpet Cleaning

5 July 2006

CINCHOUSE was given an area rug the other day and asked me to drag out the steam cleaner and clean it. Well, due to a lack of preventative maintenance, the steam cleaner, didn’t. Suffice it to say that SIT and I had to perform surgery on the steam cleaner and we both learned quite bit about Bissell upright cleaners. After much consternation (and 2+ hours of surgery), SIT and I were successful and the patient has made a full recovery. New carpet has been cleaned (will get a second go over here it a bit) and SIT and I will start in on the rugs and such in the Command Post, where, BTW, it is nice and cool. May even do the sofa, office chairs, recliner, and the cars. I’ll be back later.

Sarge, Out

When in the Course of Human Events . . .

2 July 2006

CHARMING, JUST CHARMING: The Declaration Of Independence

In case you have forgotten, Guy has posted the reasons that we fought a war 230 years ago. Go forth and read. Notice that these 56 men risked their lives and fortunes to stand up to a tyrant. With the mid-term elections coming on, and quickly, we need to consider what is best for this nation. Do we want more socialism (and that is what we will get if the donks take over), more freedom (which will require a revolution of sorts), or do we maintain the status quo? It comes down to this, if your representation in Congress is doing the job that you hired them to do, then be all means, keep them on. If not, well then, fire them and get someone that will do the job. Get out there and vote. You can bet that Sarge will be one of the first at the polls on election day to voice my opinion.

Sarge, Out