When in the Course of Human Events . . .

CHARMING, JUST CHARMING: The Declaration Of Independence

In case you have forgotten, Guy has posted the reasons that we fought a war 230 years ago. Go forth and read. Notice that these 56 men risked their lives and fortunes to stand up to a tyrant. With the mid-term elections coming on, and quickly, we need to consider what is best for this nation. Do we want more socialism (and that is what we will get if the donks take over), more freedom (which will require a revolution of sorts), or do we maintain the status quo? It comes down to this, if your representation in Congress is doing the job that you hired them to do, then be all means, keep them on. If not, well then, fire them and get someone that will do the job. Get out there and vote. You can bet that Sarge will be one of the first at the polls on election day to voice my opinion.

Sarge, Out


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  1. GUYK Says:

    Thanks Sarge. Yep, it is going to take a revolution of sorts to get us back on track if we plan on remaining a free people. The religious right wing and the socialsit left wing both have the same agendas which is to take away or limit our freedom. Those brave men who risked all to sign the Declaration of Independence did to be free men. Over the past 230 years there have been many who gave all and others who were wounded and maimed for life to protect what these valient 56 men started. We have been through a revolution from Btitian, a revolution of our own in 1860 and more than one revolution at the polls. Since 1865 we have had an orderly transfer of power even though sometimes that trasfer of political power has taken away some of our liberty. But if we continue to give it away, piece by piece, bit by bit, we will wake up one day and find that he are no longer a free people and that government has complete control of our lives. I am afraid..very afraid.

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