What the MSM will not tell you

Christopher over at the Barking-Moonbat Early Warning system has a rather lengthy post up about a conference that took place a Ft Carson, CO recently. Go forth, read here it is quite lengthy, but worth the time to read and digest. I found it quite interesting that one reporter was actually a bit pissed off that his story was destroyed and that the pictures that his photographer took were not used.

Are we winning the war in Iraq? I believe that we are. I know folks who have been there and they believe that we are winning. Morale among the troops is high.

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  1. watercooler Says:

    That sure would have been nice to hear about…

    The mayor of Tal Afar came back to Carson two weeks ago to thank the troopers and their families personally for freeing his people.

    I know that not everything is going to be reported (much less reported fairly), but something like that should have made the news – even a 10-second clip…

  2. Sarge Says:

    watercooler, you are so right. I wonder if the good folks in Colorado Springs even knew of it? If there is anybody in that area that has any additional info, please let us know.

  3. GUYK Says:

    Thanks Sarge. I am going to post this one. generally I hesitate to link letters such as this because they cannot be verified but if this is a scam it is a damn good one.

  4. bandit.three.six Says:


    Thanks for looking out for this kind of info, and let me reassure you; we are winning the war. If you’re looking for other success stories that don’t make the evening news, try some of these sites:

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