Hotel Service Sucks (or Sombody done got on the bad side of Sarge again)

Sarge and Co have established a temporary command post for the weekend and the originally planned bivouac location had to be scrapped and an alternate location found and time, of course, was short. Here are the details and you decide, how should Sarge approach.

O/A 16 May 2006, Sarge makes reservations for bivouac location with the following requirements: 2 Double Beds, non-smoking. Will accept 1 bed with pull-out, or some combination there of. Special request of first floor room to keep CINCHOUSE happy was made at same time. Sarge took note on reservation page that special request may or may not be available.

Today, upon arrival at bivouac location, Sarge checks into hotel to establish temporary command post and get changed for evening maneuvers (AKA swim meet). Upon opening door to temporary quarters, Sarge gets a snoot full of smoke that has permeated said quarters. Sarge contacts representative of staff to inquire why we are put into such substandard quarters and that it is unacceptable for our use. Sarge mentions that reservation was for NON-SMOKING quarters and that a change needed to be made and quickly. Staff says that web site plainly states that the type of room (S or NS) cannot be guaranteed and that Sarge can either suck it up (fat chance) or find other accommodations and refund will be given.

After conclusion of evening maneuvers, Sarge does a bit of research and finds that the Guarantee Policy of the chosen location says is:

“Your room will be held until 7:00 AM the morning following your scheduled arrival date. If you do not arrive and do not cancel your reservation by the cancellation deadline, your credit card will be charged 1 night’s stay plus tax”

Sarge and Co were able to find an alternate location very quickly and evening maneuvers commenced and concluded as scheduled. Not only that, he managed to save about $5 per night.

Sarge, Out


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