Katrina – One year later (or do I really care?)

I see that this week that several networks are doing “specials” on Katrina.  I am real tired afo hearing about Katrins.  It is just more Bush bashing.  While Katrina was a large and dangerous storm, but we have people in this area that are still trying to put their homes back together from Ivan in 2004.  Heck, I still have stuff to do as a result of Dennis in 2005.  Where are the “documentaries” about our “suffering?”  Here is the difference, after Ivan, while I was cleaning up my own property and getting my life back to normal, we not only cleaned our stuff, we went and helped the NEIGHBORS so that we could get our NEIGHBORHOOD back to normalcy.  When the voluteers came through to assist us in getting powered restored, we dipped into our water supply to share with them, it was the neighborly thing to do and we actually said thanks.  After Dennis decided to come through, Sarge and CINCHOUSE decided to purchase a generator and be better prepared.  We have a room in the command post that we can move into to sleep, we can surf the internet, and we have satellite TV available.  We are prepared to hold out for about 5 days which allows time for the various agencies to mobilize and move in to assist where needed.  We don’t demand that Uncle Sam be the first in, that is not what we do, we look to see what we need and, get this, do what we can to get it for ourselves.

To answer the question in the title; No, I DO NOT REALLY CARE!  I know people that were forced to relocate as a result and they took the steps necessary to integrate into their new community and contribute.  For those that are living in the area and actually are putting EFFORT into rebuilding, Sarge salutes you.  If you are in the area and just have a hand out demanding that you be given what you need to survive, Sarge encourages you to just STFU and go to work.

Don’t get “Stuck on Stupid!”

Sarge, Out


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  1. galatically stupid Says:

    Right on the money, Sarge. My feelings exactly.

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