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The Home Stretch

31 October 2006

Happy Halloween! Seems John “Frankenstein” Kerry just can’t open his mouth without sticking his foot into it. Seems he decided to talk about the importance of education and cracked that if you don’t get an education, you will get stuck in Iraq. That implies that if you don’t go to college that your only choice is to go into the military. Last I checked, we do not have compulsory service and there are other occupations that don’t require a degree, waste-hauling comes to mind (now, if only the trash man would take out the garbage), ditch/grave diggers (TOO easy), and who could forget good ole Wally World. This guy wanted to be president, folks, and is the picture of a sore loser. Is this the type of person that we want running this country? We need to get out and VOTE and vote for the party that put more money into your pocket with tax cuts and give them a chance to make them permanent (I wouldn’t hold my breath, though). As to John “Frankenstein” Kerry opening his trap, I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and I surely hope that the GOP takes advantage of this one.


Sarge, Out


Arpaio starts 2-week mandatory English classes for inmates

25 October 2006

I do like this guy and if I lived out in Arizona Terriritory in Maricopa County, I do believe that I would vote for him. Sheriff, I like the way you think. Now, if only we could get the chucklehead that wrote/edited the article to acknowledge that his “undocumented immigrants” are in reality ILLEGAL ALIENS we would be making real progress.

Found at Stop the ACLU

Arpaio starts 2-week mandatory English classes for inmates

Tell the good folks there that Sarge sent you.

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Final run-up

21 October 2006

Just got my sample ballot today and I can truthfully say, that someone in the state capital needs to be shot. Seems the geniuses in Talahassee have decided to put a proposed amendment to the State Constitution that reads in part: “Protect People, Exspecially Youth, from Addiction, Disease, and Other health hazards of Using Tobacco” Why on this earth do we need a Constitutional Amendment for this? Isn’t already illegal for a person to purchase tobacco products if they are not at least 18? Isn’t there already a government mandated warning on every package of tobacco? How about this: ENFORCE THE GOTDAMN LAWS THAT ARE ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!!!

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Another year has come and gone

12 October 2006

Wow, what a year the last one has been for ol’ Sarge.  I celebrated the 41st anniversary of my birth this week and CINCHOUSE, SIT and I had a quiet meal at home.  With school, work, swimming, and other activities, any time that we can spend together and just enjoy each other’s company is precious to us.

Speaking of swimming, SIT has a meet this weekend and the coach of one of the hosts has asked Sarge to walk out on deck and assist with running the meet.  Of course, I agreed to do so and plan on having a bit of fun.  Best of luck to SIT.

If you are in the neighborhood and are looking for something to do, come by the pool and check out the competition.

Sarge, Out


5 October 2006

Yep, old Sarge has finally found suitable employment and is loving his new job!  I wish my retirement from the Air Force would allow me to live a life such as Guy does on his Sweetthing’s half-acre, but unfortunately, with SIT swimming a storm and college just around the bend for him, CINCHOUSE allowed as how I had to get a job and work.

Must get back to the grindstone and earn that paycheck.

Sarge, Out