Another year has come and gone

Wow, what a year the last one has been for ol’ Sarge.  I celebrated the 41st anniversary of my birth this week and CINCHOUSE, SIT and I had a quiet meal at home.  With school, work, swimming, and other activities, any time that we can spend together and just enjoy each other’s company is precious to us.

Speaking of swimming, SIT has a meet this weekend and the coach of one of the hosts has asked Sarge to walk out on deck and assist with running the meet.  Of course, I agreed to do so and plan on having a bit of fun.  Best of luck to SIT.

If you are in the neighborhood and are looking for something to do, come by the pool and check out the competition.

Sarge, Out


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  1. GUYK Says:

    Happy birthday sarge. be just a spring rooster. How’s the new job goin’? Hope you like it and it likes you.

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