Final run-up

Just got my sample ballot today and I can truthfully say, that someone in the state capital needs to be shot. Seems the geniuses in Talahassee have decided to put a proposed amendment to the State Constitution that reads in part: “Protect People, Exspecially Youth, from Addiction, Disease, and Other health hazards of Using Tobacco” Why on this earth do we need a Constitutional Amendment for this? Isn’t already illegal for a person to purchase tobacco products if they are not at least 18? Isn’t there already a government mandated warning on every package of tobacco? How about this: ENFORCE THE GOTDAMN LAWS THAT ARE ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!!!

Sarge, Out


2 Responses to “Final run-up”

  1. kenny Says:


    you know that more laws makes everything alright. Just like hate crime laws, it makes it more illegal to beat someone up. It has just about stopped crime in the USA.

  2. GUYK Says:

    Florida was among the leaders suing the tobacco companies claiming it was costing them billions to take care of the people injured from smoking..but of course the state never took in to account the billions it had collected in taxes on tobacco.

    Yeah, tobacco ain’t good for you..we called them coffin nails and cancer sticks back in the 1950s when I first started smoking those unfiltered Camels. I have no doubt that it was the two pack a day habit that ruined my lunds and made them twenty years older than the rest of me. But I am not planning on a suit against the tobacco companues..I figure it was my decision and I am going to accept rrsponsibility for it just as have ever other bad decision I have made in my life and there have been a bunch of them..but I learned from every gitdam one of them.

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