The Home Stretch

Happy Halloween! Seems John “Frankenstein” Kerry just can’t open his mouth without sticking his foot into it. Seems he decided to talk about the importance of education and cracked that if you don’t get an education, you will get stuck in Iraq. That implies that if you don’t go to college that your only choice is to go into the military. Last I checked, we do not have compulsory service and there are other occupations that don’t require a degree, waste-hauling comes to mind (now, if only the trash man would take out the garbage), ditch/grave diggers (TOO easy), and who could forget good ole Wally World. This guy wanted to be president, folks, and is the picture of a sore loser. Is this the type of person that we want running this country? We need to get out and VOTE and vote for the party that put more money into your pocket with tax cuts and give them a chance to make them permanent (I wouldn’t hold my breath, though). As to John “Frankenstein” Kerry opening his trap, I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and I surely hope that the GOP takes advantage of this one.


Sarge, Out


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