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Where’s the outrage?

29 November 2006

Seems that the NSA had safeguards in place to protect Americans.  Captain Ed has the details.  Pay particular attention to what Lanny Davis , a former Clinton White House lawyer who is the board’s lone liberal Democrat, has to say.

Of course, since it makes the Bush administration look good, it will not get a lot, if any, of ink in the MSM.

Sarge, Out


Observations at Wally World

28 November 2006

Well, they did it again and Sarge almost had one. Took the swim transport to Wally World for service (yes, I can do it myself, but then I have to dispose of the waste myself and that is a post for another time) and asked the Minimum Wage Person (MWP) about how long it would be. MWP proceeds to tell me that there are three ahead of me and explain that they only had one tech and that he had to do all the work himself, blah, blah, blah. I inquired again as to how long it would take and MWP starts again. Well, Sarge being Sarge and all, I interrupt and say look I don’t care how many people are ahead of me, I just need to know, will I spend my time in the waiting area or should I wander about Wally world for a bit. MWP now gets picture (Hey, Guy, Sarge still has the look that most airmen fear and MWP got to see it) and states that I will have time to wander around for a bit.

I so love the “look”

Sarge, Out

And Another One

28 November 2006

Seems that Screecher(S) Pelosi and Impeached Judge Hastings have decided that it wouldn’t be in the party’s best interest to have him chair the House Intelligence Committee. Seems that Pelosi can’t find and back the right people the first time. Methinks that the democRATS are on a sinking ship and they know it and are trying to escape rather than bail. I guess no plan is better than any plan [/sarcasm]

Thanks, Jay

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Bumper Sticker

27 November 2006

Found it here Bumper Sticker

I am Bond, James Bond

27 November 2006

Your results:
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Found over at Denny’s

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Happy Thanksgiving!

24 November 2006

I know, the Sarge is late with this one, but Sarge, CINCHOUSE and SIT were on the road yesterday to see family and enjoy a fine repast with them today.  I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, at least in spirit if not in person.  I hope you didn’t eat too much, and keep safe.

Sarge, Out

The (Not so) Final Day

7 November 2006

Here we are.  Election Day 2006.  As I have said in prior posts, I will not tell you who to vote for.  I will ask you to look at your life and ask yourself these questions.

  1. Am I safer today than I was in 2001?
  2. Do I have a smaller tax burden that I did in 2001?
  3. Are my representatives in Congress representing me?

If you can answer YES to those questions truthfully (I know that I can) then re-hire your current representation.  If you can’t, then by all means fire whoever is there and hire someone else to do the job.  Go forth and cast your vote.  It surely won’t count if you don’t cast it.  If you don’t cast it, I don’t want to hear you gripe.

Sarge, Out

Sales call the right way

2 November 2006

Received a call from the local telephone conglomerate the other evening, and was actually almost sold.  CINCHOUSE told me that Sales-Girl (SG) had called earlier and suggested that she call back and talk to me about her product.  Well, SG had called to try and induce Sarge to purchase high-speed access from local phone conglomerate and pay less money.  Well, anything that is going to save Sarge a bit of green has my undivided attention.  Well, SG quotes me the various plans and and asks what kind of speed I currently have with the local cable monopoly.  Sarge goes to computer and fires up his favorite speed test site. and runs their speed test.  When the report comes back, Sarge finds out that he is running at around 5M down and just over 500K up.  Pretty good numbers.  Sarge passes these numbers to SG and after a few more questions, it is determined that Sarge would have to take a cut in speed to save a bit of the green.  And Sarge is a speed freak when it comes to accessing the WWW.  But, folks, SG did it right, she was EXTREMELY polite and had she been able to offer a comparable product at a reasonable price, she would have made the sale.  A very pleasant experience.

Sarge, Out