Observations at Wally World

Well, they did it again and Sarge almost had one. Took the swim transport to Wally World for service (yes, I can do it myself, but then I have to dispose of the waste myself and that is a post for another time) and asked the Minimum Wage Person (MWP) about how long it would be. MWP proceeds to tell me that there are three ahead of me and explain that they only had one tech and that he had to do all the work himself, blah, blah, blah. I inquired again as to how long it would take and MWP starts again. Well, Sarge being Sarge and all, I interrupt and say look I don’t care how many people are ahead of me, I just need to know, will I spend my time in the waiting area or should I wander about Wally world for a bit. MWP now gets picture (Hey, Guy, Sarge still has the look that most airmen fear and MWP got to see it) and states that I will have time to wander around for a bit.

I so love the “look”

Sarge, Out


2 Responses to “Observations at Wally World”

  1. GUYK Says:

    I have found it very useful..used it at the Dodge place Friday..sumbitches told me two hours and after three I found the service manager..we got some things straightened out. I had the letter in hand from Chrysler asking me for an evaluation of the dealership where I had bought my new pickup…did you ever see a service manager suck up….?

  2. Sarge Says:

    Yep, sure did. While still on AD up in the wilds of Wyoming, my primary means of transport (read “only’) was under a recall for some part or other. I called local dealer and then arranged to take some time to have it taken care of. When I get to the service department, and endure the wait, I find out that they have to order part and I will have to take more time to bring transporter back for necessary repairs. I threw the big BS flag and the service technicians and the service manager came out to check on the ruckus and when he discovered Sarge in the midst of ripping the tech types a new one, he decided that they would make the necessary accommodations to ensure the Sarge would have suitable transportation while primary was being worked on. And, that Sarge would be the priority job when parts arrived. How is that for service?

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