Sarge’s Swimming Notes

I am going to try do something new here.  As you know, SIT is a competitivei swimmer and CINCHOUSE, SIT and I travel around quite a bit to allow him to persue this endeavor.  I hope to be able to provide regular update for those that care (mostly my family and a few friends), but you are all invited to come along for the ride.  I may even try to post a photo or two.

In that frame of reference, Sarge has established a field expedient command post this weekend so that SIT may compete in a championship format swim meet (preliminary competition in the morning and finals in the evening).  SIT made finals in five of his six swims so far and has even managed to acquire qualifying time for our season championship meet in the spring.  We have one more day at this meet and will then travese the highways and byways back to home station.

This meet is the last for 2006 so SIT will not compete anymore this year, but the season continues until March.  Wish him luck.

Sarge, Out


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