Stocking Stuffer

If any of my loyal readers are interested in getting Sarge something for Christmas, here is a stocking stuffer that will do just nicely


Tip o’ the wheel hat to the Skipper

Sorry, Guy, just a nice Kimber in .45 ACP.

Sarge, Out


2 Responses to “Stocking Stuffer”

  1. GUYK Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing one of those in my glove would be just a fit and I think the color would match well with the Dodge Red on the Ram.

    By the way..that blogroll thing that is supposed to show when you updated last is a phony sumbitch..I don’t pay much attention to it..

  2. Sarge Says:

    It would go well with the family transport as well. Now, if I could only talk Santa out of one 🙂

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