Questions and Answers

Why is it when I ask a question of some MWP at the local shopping meccas, I can’t get a straight answer?  For a good example, read my post below about taking the family transport to Wally World.  Yes, I know that very few MWPs do not read this blog, and they wouldn’t recognize themselves if they did, but when a customer asks a question along the lines of “about how long will this take” they really do want to know (in hours and minutes) how long will this take.  Most of the time they don’t want or need a long drawn out “well, there are X number ahead of you and it takes Y minutes per number” they would be very happy with a response more along the lines of “Sir/Ma’am, 45 minutes to an hour” and you will not look like an idiot when someone like Sarge lights you up.  They are asking because they need to make a decision and you are influencing that decision.

When I was on active duty and stationed in the wilds of Wyoming, I had a boss that would do just that.  The LT would come by with a quick question and the boss would give them drawn out version.  I would give them the straight up answer and I alsways figured that if more information was needed, then the LT would ask.  Most of the time, the LT was asking a question along the lines of “can this equipment do this?” and needed a yes or no response and not the how of making it work.

So, if you happen to be a one of the MWP that work at the local shopping emporiums, or in a service industry, please, when a customer (who you depend on for your livelihood) asks how long something is going to take, be honest and give him/her a reasonable estimate, he/she will appreciate it.

Sarge, Out


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