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What a meet

30 January 2007

The Annual Memorial Meet was held this past weekend and SIT and the rest did real well. SIT took third in his age group and worked his behind off to do it. Some of the races I am so glad that I didn’t have to call, they were that close. Folks we are talking about millimeters between first and third, forget second. Just so you know, we would have 5 swimmers in some heats that would finish, and the time difference between first and fith would be less than one-half second. Yep, you read that right, less than one-half second. To all the swimmers that participated, a hearty well done from Sarge.

Sarge, Out



24 January 2007

Well, it’s looking like our boys can’t be stopped this year.  Guess Sarge better pack a bag and get ready to get wet.  Since I started coaching, these young people have wanted to push me into the pool at the end of the season and I told them that when they win the County Championship, they could try and push me in.  So far, Sarge has stayed dry.   The boys are still breaking records (that’s what they are there for) and making waves in the pool.  Let’s see if they can keep it up and win this thing.  They still have their work cut out for them getting Sarge into the water.

I would fly them

24 January 2007

 Seems Mom and Dad need to learn a thing or two about controlling thier child.  Go forth and read and tell me what you think.

Airline defends removing family from flight – Travel News –

Seems to me that AirTran, the airline here, went above and beyond.  Read the story and you will see that not only did they refund the tickets, they have offered this family 3 round trip tickets to any destination that they fly to.  That says something about the airline in my book.  What say you?

Sarge, Out


18 January 2007

That is the boys middle school team that SIT swims for.  Two meets against two good and well coached teams and the boys are swimming inspired.  SIT set another school record in the 50 yard backstroke last night and CINCHOUSE and I are sure proud of him.  CINCHOUSE took some photos, will have to see if I can find a suitable one to post later.

Sarge, Out

Observations from the (Pool)Deck

17 January 2007

Was taking a gander at the Mrs do Toit and reading this and remembered a conversation that I had with a swimmer this weekend. In this area, it seems that if a swimmer doesn’t swim a best time, parents are telling them that they have added time. Fortunately, I was able to take the time to explain to this swimmer that while she wasn’t swimming best times, it was impossible to “add time” as you are always entered in an event with your best time for that event. Always. It doesn’t matter what you swam at the last meet, only what your best time is and that is how you are seeded, by your BEST time. Even says so in the rules. Now, of course, there are exceptions. And the only exception to this rule is in when you are swimming in a championship format meet. There, you are entered into the preliminary round with your best time and then IF you make finals, you are seeded based on your preliminary time.

Note to parents of swimmers: Please, PLEASE, stop telling your swimmers that they added time. They may not have swam a best time for a variety of reasons and there is nothing that you can do about that. They may have been trying to adjust their stroke as directed by the coach and that will slow them down. Remember, you are there to support your swimmer no matter what! Ask them waht coach had to say about their swim, you may be surprised. Don’t coach your kids, you pay someone to do that. Talk to your coach and find out what your swimmer is doing at practice. Once again, you may be surprised.

Sarge, Out

Swimming and SIT

6 January 2007

Had our first Middle School swim meet today and SIT decided it was time to inspire the rest of the boys that we needed to break some records.  While SIT took the 200 Free record home today, the rest came very, VERY close.  Now, how can we inspire the girls to do the same?  Our boys won handidly, but the girls lost a squeaker.

Sarge, Out