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Well, that sucked

28 February 2007

SIT and I have been working on a little something for the annual middle school swim team banquet. I was trying to view the results of said efforts on my notebook when it decided that it didn’t want to play nice anymore and refused to boot into its operating system. Well, after much head-scratching, I determined that I needed to reload the system from the recovery disks that I have produces shortly after acquiring said piece of technology. Now, where did I put those disks? So,of course, SIT tells CINCHOUSE that my notebook is toast and CINCHOUSE, being technology challenged, starts in with the “can you fix its.” Well, friends let me tell you, after suffering the “can you fix its,” I finally remembered where I had put the recovery disk set. And, I was able to fix it. Aint technology grand?


The LawDog Files: A couple of random thoughts

10 February 2007

The LawDog Files: A couple of random thoughts

I like the way LawDog thinks on this one.  The 17th Amendment needs to be repealed if for no other reason than I don’t think that HillBilly could have been elected as the Jr Senator from NY if it had been done as dictated in Article I Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States prior to being amended by the 17th Amendment.  Maybe some Grassroots organization can get the ball rolling on this.

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This Just In. . .

8 February 2007

Not only did SIT’s middle school boys win the championship and our ‘A’ relay set the school record in the 200 free relay, but after review of the times, SIT set a new school record in the 50 Butterfly. Well done.

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7 February 2007

SIT’s middle school boys swim team defeated the only other undefeated team this afternoon to take the couty championships!  As you may or may not know, I have spent quite a bit of time on pool decks officiating meets and let me tell you, when it’s for School Pride, there is no substitute for putting in on the line for each and every race.  Our 8th grade boys set a new 200 yard Freestyle Relay record for the school, bettering the old record by .06 seconds.

Our girls team made a good showing as well.  While they finished the season at 3-2, they swam very well today.  We have timed finals next Wednesday and we will be looking for some more records.  Until then….

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Fighting crime in Katrina-Land

7 February 2007

Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated » Blog Archive » Fighting crime in Katrina-Land

Seems Harry Lee is fighting crime.  Sounds like Sheriff Joe out in AZ.  Maybe we need to introduce these two law enforcement types and add the LawDog in for good measure.

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Snickers ad pulled after complaints from gays

6 February 2007

Snickers ad pulled after complaints from gays – Business of Super Bowl –

Imagine that. Someone gets offended and and someone else has to change the way they do business. When will these “special” people get their head out of their fourth point of contact and grow a sense of humor. The ad was funny and probably would have sold a few candy bars.

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1 February 2007

That would be SIT’s middle school swim team boys.  A very impressive showing from both schools and an excellent meet to watch.  However, there has to be a winner and there has to be a loser.  Our boys are a formidable challange this year and are bringing their best game with them.  Not only did the boys win, but our girls decided to get with the game and defeat their girls.  Also an impressevie event.  Good job.  SIT also broke another school record.  That makes 3 if you are keeping track, I am.

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