Snickers ad pulled after complaints from gays

Snickers ad pulled after complaints from gays – Business of Super Bowl –

Imagine that. Someone gets offended and and someone else has to change the way they do business. When will these “special” people get their head out of their fourth point of contact and grow a sense of humor. The ad was funny and probably would have sold a few candy bars.

Sarge, Out


3 Responses to “Snickers ad pulled after complaints from gays”

  1. Ambulance Driver Says:

    And I thought that was one of the funnier Super Bowl commercials, too.

    And by the way – nice blog you have here, Sarge.

  2. Sarge Says:

    Thanks AD, glad to see you made it over for a visit. I agree, I thought it was one of the better ones as well.

  3. Chief RZ Says:

    I did not see the ad, but wonder how one gets into a “special preferred monority group” and who holds the trump card this week?

    This is insane.

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