SIT’s middle school boys swim team defeated the only other undefeated team this afternoon to take the couty championships!  As you may or may not know, I have spent quite a bit of time on pool decks officiating meets and let me tell you, when it’s for School Pride, there is no substitute for putting in on the line for each and every race.  Our 8th grade boys set a new 200 yard Freestyle Relay record for the school, bettering the old record by .06 seconds.

Our girls team made a good showing as well.  While they finished the season at 3-2, they swam very well today.  We have timed finals next Wednesday and we will be looking for some more records.  Until then….

Sarge, Out


3 Responses to “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!”

  1. GUYK Says:


  2. Sarge Says:

    It was exciting! I told the boys that if they won, they could try and push me into the pool. CINCHOUSE has a couple of great pics of the Sarge soaked to the skin.

  3. Fly Buddy Says:

    Kudos to the boys and coach too! Now where’re those pics Sarge?

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