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29 March 2007 Nation & World: Dobson Offers Insight on 2008 Republican Hopefuls

So, according to James Dobson and Focus on the Family, the only true Christian is the evangelical Christian?  I seem to recall from Sunday School that we are to go into our closet and pray and not out on the street corner.   Sorry, Dr. Dobson, while you may speak for the evangelical Christians, you do not speak for me.  FRED DALTON THOMPSON is a fine representation and if he says he is a Christian, who am I to disagree with him.

Matthew 6:5-6:And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men….when thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou has shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret….”

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28 March 2007

Folks, in case you haven’t heard, there is a real grassroots effort to draft Fred to run for President in 2008.  Go to DraftFred and join the 3000+ other members to DraftFred to run.  Folks, I firmly believe that Fred is the RIGHT man for the job.  For those of you who think that McCain is the answer, remember McCain-Feingold?  That piece of butt wipe violates the free speech clause of the First Amendment.  Guilliani wants to take away your guns (2nd Amendment).  The rest, well they are not strong enough to lead this nation through this time of need.  FRED DALTON THOMPSON has the character and the qualities that WE need.

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20 March 2007

Over at Captain’s Quarters, Jim provides a great look at some of the candidates for President and what types of voting record they have. Of particular interest is the third paragraph from the end. I quote it here and wish I could have said it better:

One of the interesting aspects of the Democratic field from Congress is the remarkable similarity in their scores. All of them come from the more liberal faction of their party. Their lifetime liberal scores run in a narrow range from 84.3 (Obama) to 76.8 (Joe Biden), meaning that all of the Democrats in the race come from the liberal half of the caucuses. Hillary only gets edged by Dennis Kucinich by 0.6 points, who gets beaten by Obama by almost 5 points. They do not have a moderate in the race, despite Hillary’s attempts to paint herself as such.

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What a weekend

19 March 2007

If you have been keeping up, CINCHOUSE, SIT and I traveled the highways and by-ways to Nashville for some of the finest swimming this side of the Olympic Games. SIT swam right on his best times and even set a couple of personal bests. Well done, SIT! Others from the team did just as well. For a small team we do tend to turn heads and make people take notice, well done Mavs!

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Former TN Senator Thompson

13 March 2007

considering a run for the White House.  Hmmmm, would be fun to see.  Now, we get him nominated and ask Tom Tancredo to be the Veep and I believe that we would have an unbeatable ticket in 2008.  I really believe that TnT could be an explosive combination and would get the job done.  (Sorry folks, couldn’t help myself on that one).  H/T to Lorrie at Wizbang for the link below.


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Nashville Bound!

13 March 2007

Well, later this week SIT, CINCHOUSE and I will load up the transport and head north.  We will then establish a temporary command post in that fair city and engage in swimming activities.  If you are in the area and want to see some excellent swimmers doing what they do best, come on by the Traci Caulkins pool on 25th this weekend.  Will keep you all posted on how SIT does in the pool.  To all the swimmers heading for Nashville this weekend, good luck.

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A wise man

3 March 2007

once said “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  Well SIT certainly took that to heart.  He had already maxed out on the number events that he can swim at our championship meet later this month, but had yet to get the one qualifying time that has eluded him since as far back as we can remember.  Here in his last meet before championships, he finally achieves a qualifying time for the 50 yard freestyle.  Good job, SIT.  While he will not swim that at championships, just that face that he achieved it is enough.  We had a good chuckle about it on the way home from the pool today.  Until next time

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