Former TN Senator Thompson

considering a run for the White House.  Hmmmm, would be fun to see.  Now, we get him nominated and ask Tom Tancredo to be the Veep and I believe that we would have an unbeatable ticket in 2008.  I really believe that TnT could be an explosive combination and would get the job done.  (Sorry folks, couldn’t help myself on that one).  H/T to Lorrie at Wizbang for the link below.


Sarge, Out


3 Responses to “Former TN Senator Thompson”

  1. GUYK Says:

    or vice versa with Tancredo leading the ticket

  2. Ambulance Driver Says:

    I’d vote for Fred Thompson in a heartbeat. As it is, right now Bill Richardson is my #1 choice, but i don’t think he has a chance.

  3. Sarge Says:

    Guy, that ticket would get my vote as well.

    Well, AD, let’s hope that one or the other can gather the steam to mount a campaign that has a snowball’s chance. Who would you like to see as Richardson’s running mate?

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