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As you head out for the

28 May 2007

beach, park, lake, or just the backyard to enjoy burned critters and beverages of all sorts, please, take five minutes and remember those that have served and gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure your freedom.  I am proud to have served, but I am reminded the cost of freedom wasn’t just paid at places like Bunker Hill or Yorktown.  It was also paid in places like San Antonio (Remember the Alamo!), the trenches of WWI, Pearl Harbor, Chosin Reservoir, Khe Sahn, Kandahar, New York, and Baghdad.  Freedom requires a total commitment and a will to fight and die for it.

To my friends in uniform, thank you for that willing sacrifice.

Sarge, Out


So, I am reading the local fishwrap

27 May 2007

and I come across this article: “Abstinence course under fire” in the Local & State section.  Seems that the ACLU and the ACLU of Florida have petitioned the federal government to “fix medical inaccuracies in  federally-funded abstinence curricula.”

To Susan Watson, director of the Northwest Florida Region ACLU: GET OUT OF MY CHILD’S SCHOOL!  I had to sign a release for SIT to take this course and I happen to agree with what the aim of the course is.  If you want to change the course, then you petition the local school board and work to place individuals that you agree with on that board.  You, the federal government, and the ACLU need to keep out of the business of deciding what is best for MY child.  That duty falls to me as that child’s parent.   If more parents encouraged ABSTINENCE in their children, then the number of teen pregnancies would go down.  Now, if you can tell me in a logical, well-supported manner why the ACLU needs to be in this, and by well-supported I mean credible sources that I can look up and read for myself.  And as no one’s civil liberties have been taken from them in this course, what business is it of the ACLUs?

Sarge, Out

An open letter to the Members of the House of Representative and the United States Senate

23 May 2007

May 23, 2007

Dear Senator/Congressman;

I am appalled at what you believe your “mandate” is from the people of the United States. You have tried to usurp the Constitutional powers of the President as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, have stricken deals to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, and have generally failed to conduct the business of the United States. You are a disgrace to your office.

You all seem to have forgotten that while the House represents the people, the Senate is supposed to represent the several states. You spend more time bickering and attempting to insert pork-barrel legislation into bills that you can’t seem to do the business that you were sent to do. That is to protect this nation. We are being invaded and you welcome the invaders with open arms. You allowed the word of a drug smuggler to hold more weight than the word of two Border Patrol agents. While what they did MAY have been in bad judgment and poor aim, did they deserve to go to prison? And especially a prison where men they had a hand in placing there were?

You seem to have two sets of rules and the set that gets applied depends on what letter follows a person’s name. One set for the R’s and a completely different set for the D’s. How about this for a change, have one set of rules, and the letter following the name is invisible. How about each of you take personal responsibility for your actions, actually read bills that you vote for or against and for once in your adult life, take a stand and mean it. No more “I was for the war before I was against it” statements.

And for those that have worn this nation’s uniform, you took an oath very similar to one that I took over 20 years ago and I know for a fact that I have not been relieved of that oath even though I no longer wear the uniform. And the key phrase is this: “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” well, it seems that some of you have forgotten that oath and shame on you. As Veterans, I expect, nay demand, more from you then those who haven’t worn the uniform.

Senator/Congressman it is time that you set about to do the country’s business. Set a higher standard and live up to it. This was once a great country and can be again. But we can not get there by attacking each other.

Sarge, Out

$3.00+ Gasoline

22 May 2007

Here we go again.  The moonbats are already spouting about the price of a gallon of go juice and still can’t get it through their heads that if we would do away with all the other blends and just sell one blend at a single octane level, there would be plenty for all and if the Green Weenies would just STFU and let the oil companies upgrade current and build newer refineries, then more would be available and the price would go down. 

Sarge, Out