So, I am reading the local fishwrap

and I come across this article: “Abstinence course under fire” in the Local & State section.  Seems that the ACLU and the ACLU of Florida have petitioned the federal government to “fix medical inaccuracies in  federally-funded abstinence curricula.”

To Susan Watson, director of the Northwest Florida Region ACLU: GET OUT OF MY CHILD’S SCHOOL!  I had to sign a release for SIT to take this course and I happen to agree with what the aim of the course is.  If you want to change the course, then you petition the local school board and work to place individuals that you agree with on that board.  You, the federal government, and the ACLU need to keep out of the business of deciding what is best for MY child.  That duty falls to me as that child’s parent.   If more parents encouraged ABSTINENCE in their children, then the number of teen pregnancies would go down.  Now, if you can tell me in a logical, well-supported manner why the ACLU needs to be in this, and by well-supported I mean credible sources that I can look up and read for myself.  And as no one’s civil liberties have been taken from them in this course, what business is it of the ACLUs?

Sarge, Out


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