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Ed over at Captain’s Quarters has asked “So Why Can’t The Senate Do It?”  I wish I had an answer for him.  But here is one that you, the voter, needs to consider.  As pointed out by Ed, all 435 seats in the House are up for reelection in 2008 and they know it and know that next year they will be working to keep their jobs.  However, only 1/3  of the Senate is looking to keep their job in 2008 so to the majority of them it has no impact as most voters hav eextrememly short memories.  What happens in 2008 will be laregely forgotten by the population at large.

One of the “concerns” that is being pointed out is the amnesty that is attached to this legislation.  There seems to be quite a bit of hand wringing about what to do about the 12+ million illegal aliens here.  Here is my suggestion to the Senate, the House, and the President.  Don’t try to deport them, you will never catch them anyway.  Instead, try this.  First and foremost, build the fence along the border.  From the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.  Next, federalize all law enforcement officers.  This will in effect require them to enforce federal immigration law.  Hire Sheriff Joe to run the detention center.  He is a no-nonsense man and will see that they remain safe and secure.  Next, here is the big one, make it inconvienent to send money out of the country.  If Jose Illegal wants to wire money, make it very expensive to do so.  Require proof that taxes were paid (i.e. a pay stub).  Go after the companies that hire illegals.  And I mean go after them.  Seize their assets, levy heavy fines, and put them in Sheriff Joe’s tent city.  No exceptions.  Deny services to illegals.  That means no welfare, no healthcare, no free lunch.  Require hospitals, especially those funded with tax dollars, to report illegals that seek emergent care. 

The screechers on the left will say that we are not for immigration.  True or not, they will say it.  Sarge is all for immigration, it is one of the things that makes this country great.  However, compliance with the law is not and cannot be voluntary.

Let your Representatives and Senators know what you think.  Let your state legislature and governer know.  Let your county commisioners know how you feel about illegals in your area and let your city leaders know how you feel.  Folks, this is an issue that has to be addressed at all levels of government.  From the smallest town to the largest city.  The idea of a “sanctuary city” for illegals needs to be challenged and loudly.  Do not sit by and let illegals take over. 

Sarge, Out


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