I hope that you have

stuck around in my absence.  I have had quiet a bit going on in the last month and I can no longer access from my place of employment, at least not from my desk.  Since my last post, SIT has participated in three swim meets and did well at all of them including winning 12 of 12 events at one meet (way to go!).  I had to make a run to St. Louis to attend my maternal grandmother’s funeral, then turn-around and take SIT to the championship meet in Nashville.  Long week on the road.

Well, my last couple of posts about our elected officials didn’t seem to generate any response from them which tells me that they don’t visit my little corner of the web.

And before I forget, Guy, glad to see that you and sweetthing made it back to the half-acre safe and sound.  I hope that Sassy Poodle is showing little sister the ropes and the tree rats are staying out of the ‘maters.

Sarge, Out


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  1. GUYK Says:

    Thanks Sarge. Last week I declared the great Armaillo war had commenced and today I bought me a neat little Stevens .22 with which to win that war. I hope to be declaring victory and dancing around the cabin in glee by Saturday night..I have to wait until Saturday to pick up the rifle. And it may be a big pot of armadillo chili come Sunday.

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