Hooray for the Little

guys!  Seems the local city council decided to listen to the city planning commission and NOT approve a re-zoning request from the representatives of Wally World.  Of course, in my little burb, the planning commission and the city council are one in the same.  Had this zoning change been approved, then I would have had three, that’s right, three Wall Worlds with-in fifteen minutes of the command post.  And all three would have been Super Wally Worlds as well.  Traffic in that part of town is bad enough as it is, so I am very happy, as are most of the neighbors.  Go Local Burb!

Sarge, Out


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  1. Brian Says:

    I understand that! I live in a Suburb outskirt of Omaha, NE. They started really developing it up, and now we have 2 Wal*Marts within 2 miles of us. We also can see 18 restaurants (fast food included) from our back porch. 😉

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