Lincoln – Douglas

Fred has stated that we need to have a real debate in the style common during the early days of the Republic. Well, it seems that Mike Huckabee agrees with him and has come out and basically said, “Fred, put your money where your mouth is.” You know, I have to respect what the LSM is calling a Tier 2 candidate that calls out the opposition. Fred, Mr. Huckabee has taken up the gauntlet for a Lincoln-Douglas style debate and I for one would like to see it happen. Have your people call his people and set it up. Let’s get a real debate going and see what happens. Any other takers?

Sarge, Out


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  1. str8shooter Says:

    I find it interesting that all of a sudden, all of these candidates are taking up the challenge that Newt Gingrich originally issued in the early months of this year, and actually modeled for them when he debated Mario Cuomo at Cooper Union on Feb. 28, 2007! What really amazes me is that so many of the “also ran” candidates are actually quoting Newt (badly I might add), stealing HIS ideas, and not even giving him credit, giving the impression that they were their ideas.

  2. GUYK Says:

    I have been listening to what Fred has to say here in Florida. I like it for the most part and I like the way he seems to be able to think on his feet and when he doesn’t know he tells you so..

    He is too close to the middle of the road for my libertarian leanings but I do believe he is a better choice than any of the leading GOP candidates and a damn site better than anything the dim-a-crits have to offer.

    So, I am throwing my support to Fred until and unless he steps on his dick to the point where I just can’t support him. But I have this feeling that he is a lot like Reagan and most of the shit that hits him will slide off like he was covered with teflon…

  3. Sarge Says:

    str8shooter, thanks for stopping by.


    That is the main reason I like Fred so much. If he doesn’t know, he tells you. And I will lay my next retirement check that he goes out and finds the answer, or has someone find it for him, so that he doesn’t get caught short the next time around.

    As to being middle of the road, you and I both know that is what will be needed to keep the WH out of Comrade Clinton’s hands.

    Here’s hoping that he doesn’t step on it to badly.

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