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26 November 2007

Did Mitt misspeak?  According to Drew over at Barking Moonbat, Mitt has stepped on his unit.  It seems that the governor, while supporting your right to own a gun, doesn’t think that you need one that is “Unnecessarily powerful.”  So, governor, what constitutes “Unnecessarily powerful?”  Come on Fred, lets kick into to gear and win this thing already.

Sarge, Out


Of Turkey, Travel, and Family

24 November 2007

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  CINCHOUSE, SIT and I made the trip home to see family and set-up the mobile command post there.  We will be returning to home station later this morning.  I just noticed that the “Breck Boy” won the latest Dims poll in the area around the Command Post and while it means that the Hildebeast lost one, it doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot because the home turf is home to lots of military and there is no way a sane military person will vote for a Clinton.

Not much else to report from the road, see you all soon.

Sarge, Out

Veteran’s Day

12 November 2007

Technically yesterday. CINCHOUSE, SIT and I were at a swim meet and CINCHOUSE wanted to go and spend some of my hard earned green at the outlet mall and visit the BX at our local AFB, so I was unable to post. Guyk has a post up over at his place with numbers from the census bureau as to how many of are Vets.

To my fellow vets, I care not what uniform you wore, thank you.

Sarge, Out

Middle School Swimming

8 November 2007

Ahh, once more into the breech, dear friends once more.  For those that are not aware, I coach one of the middle school teams here in the local area and really enjoy it.  Interacting with these young athletes is very satisfying and seeing them do well, even more so.  Good luck swimmers!

Sarge, Out

Motivational Thoughts

5 November 2007

GuyK has take on motivation over at his place. Seems GuyK has a retired NCO for a neighbor that reminds us that there are two kinds of motivation.  I have to agree with GuyK‘s neighbor on this one and if he has a blog, I would be interested in seeing his thoughts on other topics.  Hey GuyK get that old Non-Com hooked up and blogging.  A man that smart has to share his experience with the rest of us.

Thoughts on the Electoral College

4 November 2007

It seems that folks on both the left and right have no real inclination as to the purpose of the electoral college. The reason that we continue to utilize the electoral college is to prevent the large population centers from electing the President of the United States. In other words, it forces the candidates to visit New Hampshire, Iowa, and other states often times referred to as “Fly Over” country. Folks, the electoral college is what prevents mob rule and anarchy. Remember that we are not a democracy, but a representative republic and as such, we elect representatives to do our bidding (at least in theory). I fully support the electoral college and believe that it is the best way to elect our chief executive. What think you?

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Good Job, Swimmers!

4 November 2007

CINCHOUSE and I left the Command Post on Thursday travel the highways and byways to that fair city of Orlando to observe SIT at the State Swimming Championships.  While he didn’t compete in any individual events, he did lead off the Medley Relay in both preliminaries and finals.  The school was well represented and all did very well.  Good Job!

On that same note, we took the swimmers out to dinner, for which the coach mandated that they dress up for, and let me tell you that among the topics of discussion with my dinner companions was the observation that while a number of schools were at the same establishment, ours were very well behaved.  They cleaned up well and behaved as one would expect young ladies and gentlemen.

A tiring, yet fun, trip.

Sarge, Out

Facilitating Voter Fraud Becomes A Priority? at The Lunch Counter

4 November 2007

Facilitating Voter Fraud Becomes A Priority? at The Lunch Counter

I am glad to see that I am not the only person to see what is wrong with allowing illegals to get a driver’s license.  Ross over at the lunch counter has more.

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